Documentary film

The American in Paris, a documentary film directed by Antony Easton and produced by Passion Pictures of London, tells the story of the American volunteers in the First World War, primarily through the lens of The American Hospital of Paris. The 1-hour film is partnered with the Bearing the Torch exhibit (see Exhibits page) in commemoration of the centennial of the war. I directed the historical research for both projects. The American in Paris is expected to be released to the public in 2018. It was shown on the parvis of Notre Dame de Paris over Armistice Day weekend 2017.


Radio interview

In connection with the Bearing the Torch project, I did a 50-minute podcast for the French-language Magazine Anglican with producer Laurence Moachon, which aired on Fréquence Protestante on November 25, 2017. The focus of this interview, along with the American volunteers in the First World War, is The American Cathedral of the Holy Trinity in Paris. It can be heard here:



Book launch party


Many thanks for all your support, especially to Kathryn English, and ace photographer Daun Frankland! 29 October 2013 at The Balto in Paris.



Photography by Maxime Bruardel

Pont Royal by day
Pont Royal by night